Zoom Recording Retention Policy Effective May 1, 2021

Zoom Recording Retention Policy

Due to the extreme number of saved cloud recordings in the College’s Zoom tenant, effective 5/1/2021, a 120-day retention policy will be instituted for Zoom cloud recordings. Zoom cloud storage is intended for temporary, non-archival storage purposes. Meeting owners are expected to assess their recordings on a regular basis and, if long-term storage is necessary, should download and transfer Zoom cloud recordings to another College approved storage solution (see procedures section below).

Zoom Retention Schedule

The College of Charleston will institute a 120-day Zoom cloud storage retention period. All Zoom recordings older than 120 days will be placed in the meeting host’s trash for an additional 30 days. After 30 days, the recordings will be permanently deleted. On 5/1/2021, anything recorded prior to 1/1/2021 will be moved to trash, and from that point forward the system will perform daily checks and moves of anything older than 120 days.   

Note: This retention schedule only applies to Zoom meeting recordings hosted on cofc.zoom.us. This does not apply to recordings stored locally one’s computer or those recordings that have been moved to another storage location.  

Retention Policy

Recordings of individual student or group assessments follow institutional and state retention schedules, as they are part of the academic record and should be retained outside of the central recording system.

Procedures for Downloading and Deleting 

Downloading and deleting recordings in Zoom is a quick few step process. Please see the following knowledge base article for helpful instructions.

Suggested institutional alternative storage locations include:

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk by chat https://itservicedesk.wpengine.com, email ITServiceDesk@cofc.edu, or phone 843-953-3375.